Please get your entry visa before travelling to Tanzania. Online Visa applicants are advised to make their applications through the Official Tanzania Immigration website ( ONLY and Not through any other links.
Currently there are only two options for visa applicants from Nordic Countries, Baltic states and Ukraine.

The Embassy of Tanzania in Sweden has access to online applications. Your applications will be processed by the Embassy and sent to the Immigration Department in Tanzania for issuing. An email on visa issue notification will be sent directly to the visa applicant from the Immigration.

Please consider the following before starting your online application;

  1. Types of Visa
  2. Required documents
  3. Countries whose citizens do not require visa on entry
  4. Countries whose citizens require approval by the Tanzania Commissioner General of Immigration.

Visa Applications at the Embassy of Tanzania, Stockholm:

Foreigners who wish to submit their applications at the Embassy are still welcome until further notice. Processing of Visa Applications at the Embassy of Tanzania in Stockholm is from: 09.30 to 15.00 hrs. Please download visa application forms here.

  1. The Embassy can issue a single entry visa (visiting relatives, tourists, students) and Business Visa.
  2. Referral visa applications should be made online – directly to the Immigration Headquarters in Tanzania. The Immigration in Tanzania will make a decision and send an authorisation to the Embassy to issue the Referral Visa.
  3. Double and Multiple Entry visas are no longer issued by the Embassy. Applicants for these types of visa must apply online – directly to the Immigration Headquarters with the help of their hosts in Tanzania or when you are in Tanzania so that you can submit the required documents.

Tanzania launched Electronic visa and residence permit services

Foreigners can now apply for an Online Visa and Permit for their visit or longer stay in the United Republic of Tanzania (both Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar). Currently, visitors who can make electronic applications are only those entering Tanzania through the following 5 Entry Points;

  1. Julius Nyerere International Airport (JNIA) Dar es Salaam,
  2. Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA), Arusha;
  3. Abeid Amani Karume International Airport;
  4. Namanga Border from Kenya and
  5. Tunduma from Zambia.

All foreigners from non-commonwealth countries are required to have a valid visa unless their countries have visa abolition agreement with Tanzania. Exceptions: Citizens of Commonwealth countries are not required to obtain a visa, unless they are citizens of the United Kingdom, Canada, Nigeria, India, Pakistan or The Republic of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Citizens of the United States of America are issued multiple entry visas (tourist and business) valid for one year. However, the list may change from time to time.

Visa for Children Under 18 Years of Age

Children applying for a visa and traveling alone or with another person other than their parents, a written consent of the parent is required including their birth certificates.

There are five types of visas valid for entry into Tanzania:

A: Ordinary Visa (Application can be online or at the Embassy) 

An Ordinary Visa is issued for the purpose to enter Tanzania for tourist, holiday, family visits or any other activity legally recognized by the law. It is issued at any Tanzania Mission abroad or at any official entry point into Tanzania border. To apply an ordinary visa at the Embassy submit a dully filled visa application form, attach passport photo and receipt of payment visa fee and postage.

B: Student Entry Visa (Application can be online or at the Embassy)

Requirements for students conducting studies for three months are similar to ordinary visa. A letter of invitation from the contact Institution in Tanzania should be attached to the application. It is also advised to have a letter of introduction from host institution if a student will be conducting interviews and taking pictures. Students who plan to conduct Studies  at a Tanzanian Institution for more than three months, must apply for Student Pass 2 at the Immigration Headquarters in Tanzania.

C: Business & Meeting Visa (Application can be online or at the Embassy)

Business visa is issued to persons for the purpose of temporarily conducting business, feasibility studies, trade, meeting, professional or temporary assignment. The Embassy requires a letter of invitation from their business contact in Tanzania or a cover letter from established company/organization/institution they are working for to introduce the applicant and nature of the trip. This should be sent in along with the application. This type of visa is valid for 90 days and can not be extended while in Tanzania.

Entry to Tanzania for purposes of employment, long-term studies, voluntary work or any other not related to above types of visa, a Resident and Work Permit is required.

D. Multiple and Double entry Visa (Apply online)

Foreigners who, because of the nature of their family ties need to make frequent visits to Tanzania may be issued with Multiple- entry visa. Multiple entry visa is valid for six months or one year.

E: Transit Visa(Application can be online or at the Embassy)

This is a permission to pass through Tanzania from one entry point to the exit point. It is for the people whose purpose of their entry into Tanzania is simply to pass through to the other destination abroad without visiting. This type of visa is only issued to persons with onward tickets, sufficient funds for transit, and an entry visa to the country of destination or any proof that prior arrangements have been made that satisfy this requirement. Application requirements are similar to an ordinary visa.

F: Gratis Single Entry visa (Application can be online or at the Embassy)

Diplomatic passport holders and Laissez-passer holders of the UN, SADC, AU and other International Organizations recognized by the United Republic of Tanzania will be granted gratis visa if they are travelling on official duties (must show evidence). When travelling on unofficial capacity, they are subject to pay prescribed fees when using Lassez-passer or their National passports. It is issued at any Tanzania Mission abroad or at any official entry point into Tanzania boarder.

G: Other Types (Various)

This is a single entry visa for various reasons or any activity legally recognized by the law e.g, Health/treatment or Court hearing. It is issued at any Tanzania Mission abroad or at any official entry point into Tanzania boarder.

H: Referral visa (Apply online)

These are some countries which their nationals require Single Entry Visa permission from the Director of Immigration Services or the assistant Director of Immigration Services in Tanzania prior to issuance of the visa. The following countries are required to apply for referred visa:


  1. Afghanistan
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Bangladesh
  4. Chad
  5. Djibouti
  6. Ethiopia
  7. Eritrea
  8. Equatorial Guinea
  9. Iran
  10. Kazakhstan Republic
  11. Kyigten Republic
  12. Lebanon
  13. Mali
  14. Mauritania
  15. Niger
  16. Nigeria
  17. Pakistan
  18. Palestine
  19. Senegal
  20. Somalia
  21. Sri Lanka
  22. Somali land
  23. Sierra Leone
  24. Syria
  25. Tajikistan
  26. Turkmenistan
  27. Yemen
  28. Stateless persons or persons with refugee status and
  29. Any other nationalities as may be specified from time to time by the authorities

This type of visa is not issued or processed by a Tanzania Mission abroad or at any official entry point into Tanzania boarder. Persons in need of this type of visa are required to apply online  and will be processed by the immigration headquarters in Tanzania. You need to have the following documents to attach during your online application.

Invitation letter from host in Tanzania and introductory letters from employer for business related visit.

  1. Passport photo,
  2. Photocopies of  passport
  3. Copy of passport or ID of host person or profile of Institution
  4. Copy of resident permit of applicant where applicable.
  5. Hotel booking/ or any other confirmation of accommodation – with clear address
  6. Copy of travel booking (not ticket)
  7. Contacts/Address of Host( House number, street name and telephone numbers

Applicants for Referral Visa are required to clearly state reason for entry to Tanzania, show his/her contacts in Tanzania and in Sweden. We highly recommend not to buy any flight ticket, confirm appointments or make advance payments in Tanzania until your visa is approved. The waiting time for approval is three months or more for such applications to be processed. This type of visa is valid for 90 days.