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As you probably realize, staying on Zanzibar (or any of Tanzania's islands) is generally a lot cheaper than being on safari. Don't forget to look at the options on Mafia Island also if any of your party are serious divers or snorkellers; Mafia doesn't have the same quality of beaches … but it's a lot quieter than Zanzibar, and can have a much more exclusive feel for a similar cost.
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In a celebration of tanzanite, the rare and precious blue-violet gemstone found only in Tanzania, TanzaniteOne and the Tanzanite Foundation are proud to announce the opening of The Tanzanite Experience. The Tanzanite Experience is nestled in the hub of Arusha’s tanzanite trading area, which opened its doors for business on Wednesday 13th August 2008.

The Tanzanite Experience offers visitors the chance of purchasing well cut, certified tanzanite directly from the world’s only known source, as well as offers a complete ‘tanzanite experience’. The complete tanzanite experience showcases tanzanite’s incredible history, mystery and rarity. Through a series of visual and interactive exhibitions, visitors can learn about tanzanite’s rich and colourful stories - from the complex geology to the modern mining and processing methods; the cutting and polishing of the gemstone to perfection in a high-tech tanzanite lapidary to ensure maximum brilliance and beauty; and finally how the exquisite gemstones are accurately graded. 

For further information, please contact;  

Tanzanite Experience

Tel: + 255 27 254 4465Fax: + 255 27 254 8239Mobile: + 255 767 600 990 

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