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On his last day in Tanzania, President Clinton became one of 360, 000 visitors annually to explore the World Famous Ngorongoro Crater. Often called "Africa’s Eden" and the "8th Natural Wonder of the World," this collapsed volcano (a “caldera”) is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area . This is a natural sanctuary for thousands of birds, insects and animals such as lions, zebra, black rhino and wildebeest, all free to wander.
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The Rt  Honourable Prime  Minister,
Honourable Ministers
Members of the Diplomatic Corps,
Distinguished Guests;

Ladies and Gentlemen.
          My delegation and I appreciate the warm welcome extended to us since our arrival in this great country.  We are grateful to you, Honourable Prime Minister, for your gracious generosity in hosting this wonderful dinner for us.  And,          I thank you, Honourable Prime Minister, for your kind words and generous compliments about our country.
          The idea, and indeed the elegance, of this occasion are in keeping with the depth, both in length and in substance, of the relations that exist between our two countries.
          We are privileged to bring along with us the warm and fraternal greetings of the people of Tanzania to their Norwegian friends.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
          I am here in this great country to introduce myself as a new leader of my beloved country. We are here to thank the government and people of Norway for their persistent and enduring support to the development process of Tanzania.
For as long as Tanzania has been independent, our two nations have been solid friends and have sustained a strong and excellent relationship. Successive leaderships in both of our countries have advanced our relations further and further. The task for current generation of leadership in Tanzania and Norway is to catapult this relationship and friendship to greater heights.  
I am here also to inform you as trusted friends that on the domestic front, we espouse continuity of the political and economic reform policies of the previous administration.  They have worked for us well.  We intend to advance democracy, rule of law, respect for human rights and good governance.  We will intensify the fight against corruption and uphold the principle of transparency and accountability on the part of government. 
Our visit here and meetings we have so far held with leaders of this great nation have entrenched this mutual conviction and desire.
Ladies and Gentlemen;
          On the economic front we intend to build on the macro-economic gains achieved so far and move forward to greater heights.  Our preoccupation remains that of putting in place policies and measures that will help reduce poverty through economic growth.  We focus our efforts on doing two things.  Firstly, the provision of social and economic service such as health, education, water supply and infrastructure.  Secondly, we focus on the productive and service sectors to help deal with income poverty.  In this regard we have given high priority to the agricultural sector, mining, tourism and manufacturing as well as commerce and trade. 
          Every country has a brand, indeed the way it is seen or perceived by others around the globe. I will not speak for others, but for us in Tanzania, the Norwegian spirit of constant quest for making tremendous strides in all spheres of life including the arts and sciences is a matter of inspiration to us.
I am proud to be in Norway today the land of ingenious and hard working people who have produced remarkable feats in many fields from the arts to engineering, technology and medicine. Indeed, the land that gave the gift of great Alfred Nobel to the world. 
The spirit of generosity and concern for humanity all over the globe has endeared Norway and its people to many nations and peoples across oceans and continents. Norway has now become a port of call for battered and shattered souls from troubled nations and societies.  You are a serene destination where squabbling people the world over come to make and seek peace.
 It is for this reason that we in Tanzania are very proud to be close friends of your great nation and the great Norwegian people.
We have enjoyed working together with Norway in many international fora and issues.  We see eye to eye on many international issues and promise to continue to work together now and in future.  We admire Norway’s and your personal involvement and leadership on major international issues.  Of recent, your efforts to engender reforms of the United Nations are admirable. My government and I promise our utmost cooperation in realization of the recommendations of the High Level Panel on UN System-Wide Coherence of which you very ably co-chaired with the Prime Ministers of Pakistan and Mozambique.  
We also applaud you for the position you take in pursuit of the implementation of the MDG’s 4 and 5 with regard to infant and maternal mortality rates.  You have touched the hearts and minds of many of us in Africa where the problem hurts the most.
Honourable Prime Minister,
It also pleases me so much to be in Norway, a country that has generously supported Tanzania in its development endeavours.  I came here to say thank you and underscore the need for continued cooperation.  We in Tanzania have, since our infancy as a nation, benefited so much from Norwegian support and generosity.  Through Norwegian assistance, tremendous improvements have been made in the lives of many Tanzanians particularly infrastructure, clean water, education, energy, environment, health sector as well as in reforms of the public service.  One of those lucky Tanzanians happens to be me.  I received my secondary education at the Nordic Tanganyika Project then (1996 – 1969) where a number of Norwegian were among my teachers.  I remember Mr. Martin Anfinsen, Trygive Mong, Tor Bergan among others, whom I shall always keep in memory for their kindness.
Mr.  Prime  Minister,
The other objective of my visit here this time is to underscore the fact that our cooperation needs to grow beyond aid.  I have come here to explore the possibility of expanding investments and trade between our two countries.  We are not doing well in this area.  There is need for greater cooperation between the business communities of our two friendly nations.
I see great opportunities and mutual benefits for this cooperation.  It is an imperative necessity for us in government to promote this cooperation for our mutual.  Tanzania is ready to do business with Norway.  The climate is right, the political climate is permissive and the economic environment responsive and ever improving.  We have created an enabling environment for private sector both local and foreign to prosper.
Honourable Prime Minister, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,
The strength of relationship between Tanzania and Norway is the ubiquity of people-to-people connections and interactions between the Norwegians and Tanzanians. There are many NGOs, schools, churches, civil society organizations, local authorities in both countries that are partnering and working together. As governments we should create conditions for those connections and interactions to thrive.
Ladies and Gentlemen:
In concluding, I thank you again for welcoming us to Norway and hosting so warmly. It is indeed gratifying to be amongst friends who appreciate our challenges, understand our objectives and have aligned themselves with us in achieving them. It is my sincere desire and that of the Tanzanian people to host you for a visit in our dear country.
I thank you for your kind attention!

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