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After the Tanzania Diaspora Investment Conference which was held on 9 -10 April 2019 in Sweden, the established Chambers of Commerce have started work on promoting trade and investment in Tanzania. 

The Tanzania Diaspora Council - Global (TDC - Global) leaders has been in touch with prospective investors and business people. They have been holding follow up meetings with investors in their countries of residence, making introductions of investors and business interests to Tanzania and to the Embassy of Tanzania in Sweden. This is because Sweden is  the headquarters of TDC - Global. Ambassador, Dr. Willibrod Slaa has been very supportive to TDC - Global activities by welcoming TDC - Global leaders to introduce investors and organise business delegations to Tanzania. 

In June 2019, a business delegation, led by the leaders of Tanzania Diaspora Council - Global and TDC - Global Chamber of Commerce, visited Tanzania. Investment and business interests were on export of Tanzania cashew nuts, bridge construction and estate development. 
 TDC - Global Leaders during their visit to Tanzania in June 2019, Led by the Chairman, Mr. Norman Jasson 4th from left and Ms. Christine Chambay Chairperson of the TDC - Global Chamber of Commerce. Others in the team were Tanzania Diaspora representatives from Italy, Norway, German and Sweden.
TDC- Global Leaders in Dodoma - Meeting with Prof. Palamangamba Kabudi, Minister for Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation 
TDC Global Ladies, Ms. Elizabeth Malongo (Sweden), Christine Chambay (Sweden) and Agnes Lerdorf (Denmark)
A business Delegation During their visit at TFDA
Mr. Norman Jasson and Cashewnuts Expoters Mr. Cody Safi and Aziz Bozoug from Eco Food, Denmark, inspecting Cashew nuts at TFDA for possible export to Nordic.
TDC - Global Leaders, Mr. Norman Jasson and Christine Chambay from Sweden, Mr. Mwinyimwaka  Hatibu (Italy) and Mr. Khalifa hatibu (France) and Cashewnuts Expoters /nvestors Mr. Cody Safi and Aziz Bozoug from Eco Food, Denmark during a business meeting with Mr. Edwin Rutageruka, Director General TANTRADE and Ms. Caroline Lyimo, Industrial Engineer, Cashewnut Board of Tanzania.
TDC - Global Leaders, Investors from  BT Innovation of Germany ( and KC land Development Plan of Tanzania after the meeting with Hon Salum Maulid Salum, the Permanent Secretary, Presidents Office during the delegations visit in Zanzibar 
 TDC - Global Leaders, Mr. Norman Jasson and Ms Christine Chambay held business discussions with Mr. Jonas Njau from TCCIA, Ms. Karen Asla, Adviser , Private Sector Affairs at the Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam.


 On the 10th July 2019, Mrs. Edna Lyatuu Hogan, Founder and CEO of the Tanzania Chamber of Commerce (EU) - Ireland, held a business meeting with Ms. Heather Humphreys, Irish Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation. In this meeting they discussed Trade links between Ireland and Tanzania. Mrs Hogan is very active in search of trade links and investors from Ireland to Tanzania. A Delegation led by her Chamber will be visiting Tanzania soon. For more information please visit: 

Mrs Edna Lyatuu Hogan, CEO&Founder of Tanzania Chamber of Commerce (EU), Ireland held a business meeting with Ms. Heather Humphreys, Irish Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation.
On Saturday the 13th of July 2019, The Tanzania Chamber of Commerce  (EU) Ireland was officially launched. In attendance as the Guest of Honour to the event was TD (Member of Parliament) Mr Richard Boyd  Barrett and  Minister for Enterprise Heather Humpreys . In attendance at the event which included a presentation of business and investment opportunities in Tanzania was Ambassador Anisa Mbega, Director of Diaspora Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation in Tanzania.

Other important guests were 8 Ambassadors from Africa & Europe  in Ireland, Irish members of parliament, Councillors and media people. 



During the event there were exhibition by various businesses, performances by various groups including a Poetry performance composed by Mrs Edna Lyaruu Hogan (CEO&Founder of Tanzania Chamber of Commerce (EU), Ireland)  and choreographed the Gaeity School of Acting. The event was attended by over 300 people and attracted very good prospective investors and businesses in different sectors. 
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