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Ambassador Dr. Willibrod Slaa was the Guest of Honour at The Loungery/Global Bar in Stockholm. Global Bar is a forum where people working with international issues meet to debate current events, exchange ideas and network. 
Mr. David Isaksson welcoming the Guest of Honour H.E Dr. Willibrod Slaa 

The meeting was organised and moderated by David Isaksson, Journalist and Founder of Global reporting. Global reporting is a media and consulting company ( based in Stockholm. The event was live online and it has already been viewed by more than 400 people.

In attendance at the Loungery among almost 60 participants, were Ambassador  Sten Rylander, former Ambassador to Tanzania between 1998 - 2003. He candidly spoke about Tanzania. Ambassador Slaa applauded his knowledge of Tanzania, Africa and the books he has written through this experience.
 Ambassador Sten Rylander 
 The Panelists (from right to left): Ms. Verena Knippel, Ambassdor Willibrod Slaa, Ms. Josephine Sundqvist and Mr. David Isaksson
Others who were invited as informed panelists to present and discuss different issues about Tanzania with the audience were Ms. Verena Knippel, Senior Advisor at SIDA and Ms. Josephine Sundqvist, Programme Manager at the SIDA partnership Forum.  Ms Knippel worked with DFID, World Bank and Twaweza all in total for 14 years in Tanzania. While Ms. Sundqvist, lived and worked in Tanzania for 10 years as a researcher and in Civil Society Organisations, focusing on democracy, health and religion.
For more background information on this Forum please visit here .

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