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As you probably realize, staying on Zanzibar (or any of Tanzania's islands) is generally a lot cheaper than being on safari. Don't forget to look at the options on Mafia Island also if any of your party are serious divers or snorkellers; Mafia doesn't have the same quality of beaches … but it's a lot quieter than Zanzibar, and can have a much more exclusive feel for a similar cost.
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Map of Tanzania
 Rivers, lakes, main roads, parks, game reserves, Mt. Kilimanjaro and conservation.

 A Detailed country profile can be obtained from the national website
 Head of State
 President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete
 Capital City
 Dodoma(Political), Dar es Salaam (Admin. and Commercial)
 National Day
 April 26
 Swahil, English and Various Local Languages
 Tanzania Shilling (TZS) = 100 Cents
  Mainland:     881,000 km2
  Zanzibar:      2,000 km2
  Water:       62,000 km2
  Forest and Woodlands:  3,350 km2
 Population 36.44 million (51% are women; 64% are under age 15).
 US$ 9.74 billion
 GDP per Capital
 US$ 610
 Imports (CIF)
 US$ 81.6 billion
 Exports (FOB)
 US$ 863 Million
 Literacy 84 % (1997)
 Urbanisation                         30 %
Cotton, Coffee, Cloves, Sisal, Cashew Nuts, Tea, Tobacco, Gold,         Diamond, Natural Gas, Wildlife
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