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On his last day in Tanzania, President Clinton became one of 360, 000 visitors annually to explore the World Famous Ngorongoro Crater. Often called "Africa’s Eden" and the "8th Natural Wonder of the World," this collapsed volcano (a “caldera”) is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area . This is a natural sanctuary for thousands of birds, insects and animals such as lions, zebra, black rhino and wildebeest, all free to wander.
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20th of June 1937 - 6th of October 2016

We are very sad to inform you that our beloved mother Florentina B. Masawe passed away on the 6th of October 2016.

Our beloved Florentina was the number one student in her age group in Tanzania and was awarded a scholarship to study at Oxford University in United Kingdom where she graduated in Social Work in the early 1960s. She then received another scholarship to conduct studies in Jokkmokk Sweden in 1967 where she also met her husband, the late Social Democratic politician and teacher Karl-Gösta Nilsson. She went on to study Social Sciences at Umeå University where she received a Master of Science degree. Together they are warmheartedly remembered in Tanzania, particularly Moshi and the Kilimanjaro area for their role as the founders of the Dragonskolan’s Tanzaniaförening in Umeå.

Through Dragonskolan’s Tanzaniaförening Florentina worked relentlessly together with Swedish schools, SIDA and the Swedish department for Foreign Affairs to raise funds for the M´nini-Kilimanjaro Water Project, that has provided fresh tap water to the people in M´nini and also many other villages in the area. In another project she tirelessly worked to raise funds so that the M’nini Secondary School could be completely renovated and make room for more school children. She continued this admirable work throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. In the year 2002, after retirement, she decided to move back to Tanzania and went on to work in Moshi as a social entrepreneur to help children in the Moshi area and M’nini with education and resources so that they could study for free. Young at heart, Florentina continued her work up until May 2015 when she unfortunately got ill and moved back to Stockholm, Sweden for medical treatment.

During 2015 and 2016 she was close to her four children in Stockholm, Sweden. Despite her illness she spent her last time in Sweden continuing to help the children of Moshi and M’nini and doing so by using her private resources for school fees.

Florentina was born in M’nini Tanzania on the 20th of June 1937 and sadly passed away on the 6th of October 2016 in Stockholm. The funeral for Florentina B. Masawe will be held at Norra Kapellet, Solna at 10:00 on Friday the 21st of October 2016.

Dr Patrik Nilsson (writing on behalf of the Nilsson - Masawe family)
STICS - Stockholm Institute of Communication Science
S:t Eriksgatan 65, 113 32 Stockholm, SWEDEN

RSVP no later than 19th October. For flowers, gifts and RSVP call: +46 (0)10 - 138 94 46 or online For inquiries call: +46 70 510 55 60
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