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On his last day in Tanzania, President Clinton became one of 360, 000 visitors annually to explore the World Famous Ngorongoro Crater. Often called "Africa’s Eden" and the "8th Natural Wonder of the World," this collapsed volcano (a “caldera”) is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area . This is a natural sanctuary for thousands of birds, insects and animals such as lions, zebra, black rhino and wildebeest, all free to wander.
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Ambassador Dora Mmari Msechu 
Her Excellency, Dora Msechu took up her official duties as Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania to the Nordic Countries and Baltic States after presenting her credentials  to the King of Sweden on 18th September 2014. Photos below show her arrival, reception by Palace staff and exit from the Kings Palace. The meeting and presentation of credentials to the King of Sweden was held in privacy.
During the same day, the Staff of the Embassy of the United Republic of Tanzania, welcomed Ambassador Dora Msechu to the Tanzania House (The Chancery) in Näsby Alle 6, Täby in Stockholm.
The third "Welcome Event" was by Tanzanian Diasporas in Sweden during their annual event - "Tanzania Day" in Stockholm on 27th September 2014.
Ambassador Dora Msechu and Minister Counselor Jacob Msekwa met by the Chairman of Tanzania Association in Sweden, Mr. Tengo Kilumanga on arrival at the venue for Tanzania Day event in Stockholm.
The event started by singing the National Anthem and a prayer
MC Norman welcoming the Ambassador and invited Guests to the Event
Mr. Kilumanga na MC Norman introducing the Ambassador to Tanzanians and invited guests

Mr. Lomnyaki Letara presenting a speech to Ambassador Msechu
Ambassador Msechu greeting Tanzanian Diasporas and invited guests 
  Ambassador Msechu's humour won the hearts of Stockholm
In attendance to the event were two guests; Ms Mariam Kilumanga, Chairman of the Tanzania Diaspora in UK (below with a mic) and Ms. Agnes Grace Kilima (above with mic) who represented the Chairman of Tanzania Diasporas in France, Ms. Delly Nyerere 
Ambassador Msechu happily receiving two paintings presented to him by Artist Kennedy Mbando of Stockholm. 
Kennedy Mbando explaining the theme of the art he presented to the Ambassador
Ambassador Msechu's welcome party was one of its kind with the highest attendance of Tanzanian Diasporas in Sweden, friends of Tanzania and representatives of leaders of diasporas from Finland, UK and France.
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