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As you probably realize, staying on Zanzibar (or any of Tanzania's islands) is generally a lot cheaper than being on safari. Don't forget to look at the options on Mafia Island also if any of your party are serious divers or snorkellers; Mafia doesn't have the same quality of beaches … but it's a lot quieter than Zanzibar, and can have a much more exclusive feel for a similar cost.
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No.                       JINA  

*1. Norra Nyanjura Sommerseth   
*2. Tulio Deo Bamira Michael    
*3. Feisal Rashid Hassan   
*4. David Katanga Chirwa   
*5. Iker Cesar Sebayaga   
*6. Peace Mary Emmanuel Ntundu   
*7. Elina Emanuel Ntundu   
*8. Michelle Njeri Wanyoike   
*9. Rumayya Abbas Dadah Suleiman   
*10. Munakhiri Abbas Dadah Suleiman   
*11. Ruth Mathisen   
*12. Kahabi Mugisha Levi Lupondije   
*13 Rawdha Hassan Hussein   

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